Original Shows

 We take great  pride in our ability to create original material. Whether it be for the stage, circus ring or classroom, we write with great care and consideration for it’s intended audience.

Pammy at Howard

Clowning it up at Howard Early Education Center.

Clown Shows

Clowning is at the core of everything we write for children.  There’s nothing better than hearing a child laugh. That’s magic! Our clown shows include physical comedy, comedy magic, juggling and puppetry. We’ve performed in the circus, theme parks, fairs and theaters as well as private parties.

At the Guadalupe Theater.

At the Guadalupe Theater.

We are graduates of the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Clown College, the only institution in this country dedicated to the art of clowning.

As clowns, we’ve performed for children of all ages in theaters and arenas across the country. When we clown, we use all of the skills we’ve developed including physical comedy, magic and puppetry. Our brand of comedy is family friendly especially for little children but also for those who are kids at heart.

Buck Dillwater and Peanut at Seaworld San Antonio.

Buck Dillwater at Seaworld San Antonio.

Credits Include: Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, Circo Osorio, Fiesta Texas, Seaworld San Antonio, San Antonio Metropolitan Ballet, Our Lady of the Lake University, Chuck E. Cheese and Barney’s Super Singing Circus.

  Children’s Plays

Writing and performing for children has always been an important part of our world. And we especially love entertaining the kids by presenting the  classic stories and fairytales (our favorite subject), like “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Rapunzel”, “Peter Rabbit”  and “The Emperor and the Nightengale” to name a few. These plays are written with music, merriment and plenty of physical comedy which kids love!


Doc Ed and Karston the Texas Blind Blind Salamander at Nichols Elementary School.

Educational Shows

In 2005, our first educational show,”Big Top Secrets”, co-written with former Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Clown Chad Miller for the Witte Museum in San Antonio, gave a peek into the daily life of a circus clown. 

Since then, we’ve  written and performed in numerous educational shows for museums, schools, libraries and educational events throughout the San Antonio area.

Big Top Secrets a copy

L-R: Alberto Ramirez , Chad Miller. Big Top Secrets, Witte Museum.

Clients: Witte Museum, San Antonio Water System, Edwards Aquifer Authority.

If you’d like more info, contact us at 210-822-7857. You can also send us an email at artistramirez@sbcglobal.net.